Mariscope Enterprises

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Who We Are

Mariscope Enterprises, is located in the city of Puerto Montt, and was inaugurated in 2001. Mariscopes German branch � Mariscope Meerestechnik - founded in 1994, located near the city of Kiel is after several years of engineering and designing devoted to the development of robot submarines.

Since then both teams focused on companies production and development. Given the educational background of its founders, two oceanographers, physicists, the link with research and marine technology development was permanent since the beginning of the company. As a result, the range of products and special developments has led the company to gain international recognition. Today, Mariscope Meerestechnik makes all kinds of oceanographic instrumentation for applications fluvial, coastal, lake, off-shore and Deep Sea. The ability to carry out special developments and requirements clearly differentiates Mariscope from other companies. This flexibility allows Mariscope to provide solutions to extraordinary problems.

Mariscope was founded with the idea of providing a proper service in Latin America for all manufactured products. Following the philosophy of providing comprehensive solutions, for example in the aquaculture sector, Mariscope included professional diving and oceanographic consulting as two additional lines of business. This combination makes Mariscope unique in the Chilean territory, which caters to the high demand for services in the marine environment of its customers.

Our Business Profile focuses on underwater robotics, ocean engineering, mining. offshore aquaculture, water works, consultancies, technology, integration of measurement


Mariscope has offices and workshops in order to receive and respond to their customers. With ample space equipped to handle the equipment and systems, the company provides after sales service, calibration and repair for all brands it represents. We are equipped with electronics laboratory for analysis and repair of underwater robotics, communication systems, cameras, current meters, CTDs etc.

In our dive shop, we have equipment for calibration of air consoles, face masks, regulators, etc. We have ultra sound bath, high precision hydraulic balance, Dr�ger calibration panel, metering system respirable air quality among other things. Our mechanic shop is equipped to perform repairs of all kinds. We have turning, milling, drill press, TIG welder and many special tools.

The company also has servers and computer systems for the analysis of satellite data, oceanographic data analysis, development and design of geographic information systems and managing large amounts of data.
In our showroom you will find a range of products related to the field of underwater robotics, professional diving and oceanography. We are at your disposal every day from 8:00 until 18:00

Specialized Workshops

Workshop regarding Electronics and Mechanics, with industrial equipment. Highlights:

- Electronic technicians.
- Qualified welders.
- Mechanical Technicians.


There are 4x4 vehicles, equipped and modified for satifacer transport-level areas difficult of access. Among them are:

- vehicles 4x4
- vans
- Tow truck


Boats equipped for all types of tasks, with a high fidelity performance, efficiency and provide the necessary strength to meet situations as:

- Hyperbaric rescue.
- inspection.
- salvage.
- Submarine work.
- Oceanographic sampling.