Dive Compressors

In the area of dive compressors, Mariscope offers high pressure systems from the companies Lenhardt and Wagner (L&W) and Junkers, both German manufacturers. The air volume starts at 100 l/min and reaches 1.800 l / min in the case of the Junkers compressors. The air quality delivered by these compressors is always according to the rules for breathable air. This is reached with special filters that clean the compressed air.

Mariscope offers also the after sales service, spares and maintenance of these compressors. The known German quality is per se a warranty for a long lifetime of this piece of equipment.

We offer also the accessories related to these kind of compressors like charging manifolds, air racks, filtration units and so on.

For those diving with mixed gases, special mixing panels are offered for the preparation of the blends. Nitrox, TRimix and Heliox panels are available, mechanical and electronic ones.

For commercial use, we also prepare containerized systems with 10 “ and 20 “ containers, for surface supplied air diving, mixed gas diving etc.

Contact us for any question related to compressors and accessories.